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Opening More Doors (and getting more done) Through Local Leadership

Davi Veras

We Americans like to do things on our own. Whether it’s making plans, sourcing materials or setting schedules, we feel most in control when we are making all the decisions. Fortunately for Jacob’s Well, leadership…and decisions, happen through the counsel of both Brazilian and American experts. This month, let’s get to know the talent and heart of our board of directors in Brazil.

As many of you know, Renato Cassula is the president of the Brazilian Board of Jacob’s Well. His education and skill sets are in both business and people development, making him an ideal fit for building relationships, providing community guidance, and developing spiritual leaders at the local level. Plus, his years of business and ministry experience in the U.S. contribute to his ability to bridge Brazilian and American differences.

Davi Veras is the vice president, holds a degree in business administration and owns an environmental engineering consulting business. When he is not running his business or finishing an advanced degree, Davi has been developing strong connections for Jacob’s Well in the greater Fortaleza area.

Aguiar Cruz is Jacob’s Well’s treasurer and owns a law firm in Fortaleza. Given his extensive connections within the regional government, he has opened doors for major opportunities for Jacob’s Well to partner in local and regional water infrastructure projects. Aguilar is married and has two daughters at home.

Mirza Abreu is an at-large board member and social worker by trade. She performs administrative functions for Jacob’s Well in Brazil and has three children at home. Her passion is to see families rise from poverty and to thrive spiritually and socially.

Establishing and growing Brazilian leadership has been a priority for Jacob’s Well from the start. We have seen too many good-hearted missions organizations struggle to make lasting impact because they try to accomplish things from an American perspective and on an American timeline. Through effective guidance from experts in Brazil who have a heart for community and family transformation, we are seeing amazing opportunities unfold. We will share more details about these opportunities in future updates.

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