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Holiday Traditions, Hairdressing and Help Needed

2017 Hairdresser Class Grads

Christmas will soon be upon us, and our traditions in America usually revolve around shopping, eating and more shopping! Allow me to take your attention for a few minutes away from online shopping sites or upcoming sales to give you a brief update on the work of Jacob's Well on the other side of the world.

Christmas in Brazil

For those of us who live in North America, Christmas is about snow, Christmas trees and bundling up. But in tropical Brazil, the Christmas season is often about fireworks, late-night eating and gathering with friends and family at midnight on Christmas Eve for celebrations. Consider how you might try a new tradition this Christmas -- perhaps serve tropical fruit juice or Brazilian cheese bread (recipe here) as a reminder of our Jacob's Well communities celebrating the birth of Jesus south of the equator!

New Skills = New Economic Opportunities

The photo above is of the latest graduating class of hairdressers from Jacob's Well communities. Practically everyone needs haircuts every few weeks, and these new hairdressers have the skills and knowledge to earn valuable income to support their families. This photo was taken inside the Jacob's Well training center in the Riacho da Porta community.

Help Needed

Many new opportunities are opening up for Jacob's Well, and we are in need of resourcing spiritual, economic and social projects in existing and new communities. Would you consider a monthly recurring donation to help fund these efforts? Any amount helps as we look to raise support for 2018 projects. Click here to donate today.

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