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Plans for a Purposeful, Productive 2018

2017 Hairdresser Class Grads

We hope that each of you enjoyed some time to rejuvenate and reflect on the meaning of Christmas with your families. As we press forward into 2018, our Board of Directors at Jacob’s Well wants to share some brief updates from our planning meeting held last month.

Generous Support Received to Finish Riacho da Porta Training Center

A significant donation was received in December to complete the first phase of renovations needed for the Jacob’s Well Training Center on the outskirts of our first community. This training center will support housing needs for Pastor Carlos and his family as well as provide education space for health and business development classes. We are really excited about the potential this Center has to improve the lives of families in Riacho da Porta.

More Program and Project Management Support Needed

Much of our discussion was on building our donor base for Jacob’s Well in order to support Renato and the team in Brazil with needed program management staff and expertise. As we have written in previous newsletters, well-intended government projects in this region have often not been successful due to lack of follow through. This is a critical gap Jacob’s Well fills with significantly expanding needs. Communities and families in the drought region will be incredibly blessed as we increase these efforts. Church and individual donor partnerships will be explored to make this happen.

Expansion into New Communities

Morada Nova is a collection of communities in a new region that was visited by several USA Board members this past June, and this area’s leadership is anxious to begin church, economic and social development projects. If you know of individuals, churches, or businesses who may have an interest in sponsoring or participating in Jacob’s Well initiatives, please contact us so that one of our Board members may set up a time to connect. And thanks for your interest and support of Jacob’s Well! We look forward to another year of partnering with you and God in His amazing work of community transformation!

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