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Questions and Answers Following the Jacob’s Well Dessert Update

First, thanks to the more than 70 who joined us at the Dunston’s home this past Thursday night! It was especially encouraging for those of us on the board of directors to be able to connect friends and families to Renato and the exciting opportunities happening in Brazil.

Some questions have come up through conversations during and after the dessert, and below is (hopefully) some useful information!

If I give to Jacob’s Well, how are those funds used? What exactly am I supporting?

We are in urgent need to support the spiritual, economic and social development efforts in both Riacho da Porta and the Morada Nova communities. As Renato’s time is split across all these communities, we want to place “community managers” in each area to support these efforts. Your support funds church planting, agricultural projects including hydroponics, animal husbandry (goats), aquaculture, and acerola and dragon fruit farming as well as other community health and economic training programs.

Renato mentioned that Brazilian government funds are available. What will those funds be used for?

We are grateful for the trust the state and local government has shown to Jacob’s Well, and significant funds are being made available through these agencies! These funds, however, are designated for “hard project costs” like agricultural and water supply materials and equipment (e.g.: piping, pumps, tanks, seed, and livestock). The resources necessary to support the successful deployment and implementation of these assets comes from our Jacob’s Well team in Brazil (e.g.: project management and administration, training, mentoring, and spiritual growth support).

How much additional support does Jacob’s Well need monthly to support the new community initiatives?

We are seeking to raise $10,000 in additional monthly support.

There’s a link on your website to “support the Cassulas”. What’s the difference between supporting the Cassulas and donating directly to Jacob’s Well?

Some of you have been supporting the Cassulas directly, and these donations are now being processed through Jacob’s Well. The community support donations should be sent through the donate link on our website.

What is the best way for me to support Jacob’s Well?

While we absolutely welcome any and all support to Jacob’s Well, recurring monthly support helps us to ensure stable, ongoing community transformation in the communities we serve. Additionally, we are looking for people who want to help us spread the word about what God is doing through Jacob’s Well. Let us know if you have individuals, small groups or church communities who would be interested in hearing more about Jacob’s Well. We’d be happy to share about the transformational power of holistic missions. Finally, if you feel God calling you to a deeper level of involvement with Jacob’s Well through the use of your gifts or vocational talents, either here or in Brazil, please get in touch.

Thanks again for your interest in Jacob’s Well! Please contact us if you have further questions.

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