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Grant Funding Approved for Jacob’s Well Projects in Morada Nova

Organized by the governor of the state of Ceara, a special meeting was held on March 19 to officially present the grant funding for Jacob’s Well projects in Morada Nova. This is an exciting development for us and a major endorsement of the results we have shown so far in Brazil.

The presentation was attended by state officials including the Secretary of Agriculture as well as local leadership from Morada Nova. Jacob’s Well Brazil board members were present at the event, strengthening relationships and highlighting the leadership Jacob’s Well has on the ground in the region.

The project grants for the Morada Nova communities include goat herds for milk/cheese production, hydroponic units, acerola trees and salt grass. Further, we are getting upfront buy-in on the projects from key leaders in the community. More information will be delivered in the coming months as the projects get underway.

As we shared in our dessert and update in Colorado Springs last month, the critical support we are seeking is in community and project management. It’s one thing for materials, seeds and goats to be funded by the Brazilian government, but it’s quite another to provide the kind of training expertise needed to achieve program results. Jacob’s Well cares deeply about building these projects in the context of a growing spiritual community. Help us get closer to our $10,000 monthly support level today by setting up a monthly donation in any amount! It takes only a couple of minutes and is completely tax deductible. Thanks in advance for your partnership to support these exciting new opportunities.

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