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Riacho Da Porta Women – Beautiful in God’s Eyes

The moms and daughters of Riacho da Porta were treated to a special women’s conference headlined by Melissa Chu from Colorado Springs. Melissa addressed some common challenges faced by both moms and teenage girls with the key theme of listening to God’s truth about our identity in Him rather than the lies of Satan that tear us down.

Another powerful topic during this women’s conference was forgiveness and allowing God’s grace to move us beyond the past and into a new understanding of His relationship with us. Much time was spent in prayer during the conference with plans for future discipleship activity with both moms and daughters. One participant, Aldenora, said this about the conference, “After our women’s conference I realized the importance of being together and sharing our lives with each other. In this way we can share God’s love and remember the importance of speaking about Jesus to those who don’t know Him yet.”

We are planning to build upon this initial women’s conference with future events and clinics to support mothers and daughters in the Jacobs Well communities. Your support helps us strengthen these efforts and bring hope to families that have faced difficulties hard for most of us to imagine.

Finally, we appreciate your prayers as several of our board members prepare to attend community visits and meetings with the Jacob’s Well Brazil Board next month


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