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Construction Projects Underway in 2 Jacob’s Well Communities

Hello again from Jacob’s Well Brazil, where wheelbarrows are rolling and hammers are flying! Many of you are aware of the ministry and education center in the town of Riacho da Porta. This center allows for Jacob’s Well to offer health classes, provide job training and serve as a home base for future activities.

An opportunity opened in a new community south of Fortaleza called Santo André. Responding to the opportunity, Jacob’s Well worked with the local families and got help from members of the Riacho da Porta and Morada Nova communities. When finished, this new ministry center will have both space for church services and classroom education.

Further, there is new construction happening in Riacho da Porta of an aquaponics system. This type of farming involves both fish raising and crop growing in one connected system that leverages the fish waste as fertilizer for the crops. We will share photos of the aquaponics system with you when it’s up and running.

Please pray as several U.S. board members travel to Brazil in June to participate in the work underway. Also pray for Brazil as a country as there have been strikes and related uncertainty due to rising fuel prices. Thanks for your support of Jacob’s Well – click here if you’d like to make a contribution.

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