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Baptisms Never Get Old

There's something transformative and beautiful about watching a baptism. It's a reminder of our sin, our redemption, and of the gift of a new life in Christ. During our Board trip to Brazil this past month, several of us had the opportunity to witness baptisms in the town of Riacho da Porta. Stories of infidelity, heavy drinking and despair transformed to hope and a new life of purpose. Dads, mom, and teens committed their lives in front of their community.

Take the next minute to witness 7 baptisms of 7 people you don't know -- and imagine the stories behind each person taken underwater and brought back up. Remember the time you were baptized, or consider your own spiritual condition. Your support of Jacob's Well helps us continue to build this growing church and the transformation of lives in Riacho da Porta. Thanks for your encouragement and prayers!

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