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Riacho da Porta's Training Center Heats Up in July

First, thanks to many of you for supporting the ongoing work of Jacob’s Well! Part of that support has gone to remodeling and modernizing the training center located in the Riacho da Porta community. Now that a significant portion of the remodeling is complete, the exciting work of utilizing the training center is underway. Below are a few highlights of activities happening this past month:

Adult Literacy Classes – these have been held 2 nights a week with about 14 adults attending. As we know, reading and writing are critical skills for moving ahead in economic, social and spiritual growth activities.

Weekly Medical Clinic – Nurse Practitioner Lisa Whittom has been offering individual education on chronic disease identification and prevention as well as providing exams and some medications. Attendance has been limited so far, largely due to transportation issues, so Lisa plans to try home visits one week per month beginning in August.

Vacation Bible School – This was held the last week of July at the church in Riacho da Porta. Gabi (volunteer from La Fonte church in Forteleza) and Aldenora (pastor Carlos’ wife from the community) helped run the school which attracted about 30 kids each day. Activities included singing, skits, crafts and Bible Study. An after-school program for kids will start in August to continue .

As the summer wraps up, here in the U.S., Jacob’s Well could use additional funds to support the increasing spiritual, economic and social growth opportunities in the communities we are partnering with. Thanks in advance for any additional gift you may be able to provide!

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