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Back to School, the Fields and the Growth of God’s Church

If you have kids in your home, you know August is a month of back-to-school prep. From pencils to backpacks to new outfits, there’s a lot that happens before the first day of school arrives.

School has arrived in Riacho da Porta, and some of the kids are struggling in math and Portuguese classes. So Jacob’s Well started an after school program to help them in those subjects, and more than 10 students are taking advantage of the extra help. Thanks to Gabi, Aldenora (Riacho da Porta community pastor) and Lisa for heading up this initiative!

A group of men in Riacho da Porta, including newly on-boarded co-op families, also took advantage of an adult educational opportunity to learn about effective co-op management and new farming practices. KaKa (Jacob’s Well Economic Program Director) and Renato led this effort. And the health clinic and adult literacy classes are continuing, with increased attendance of the health clinic to an average of more than 30 patients a week. All these efforts support Jacob’s Well’s economic and social development programs aimed at creating healthy, smart and job-ready communities!

Finally, Morada Nova was the focus of several evangelism efforts aimed at families and youth. Many thanks to Charles (Morada Nova community pastor) for leading this effort, and we will report on results as they come in. Thanks again for your continued support of Jacob’s Well!

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