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Living Water Flows to Jacob’s Well Communities

Training and education continued to be the theme in Jacob’s Well communities in September, and we are excited to see God’s “living water” shared in many ways. In addition, construction and maintenance projects provide more community assets. If you are looking for practical ways to impact families threatened by poverty and despair, your monthly support will be put to work right away! Below are a few highlights from this past month as well as photos and videos to illustrate living water in action:

  • A new motorcycle maintenance and repair class is being held in Riacho da Porta to equip the men in the community to take care of their primary means of transportation. 16 attend at the training center.

  • Roof and window repairs and maintenance were completed on the training center at Riacho da Porta to ensure the center is fully capable to meet increased demands.

  • Health education classes continued as well as 1 on 1 preventative care coaching for community members with chronic conditions. We have learned the importance of both offering classes at the training center as well as making home visits to ensure all the right community members are receiving proper attention.

  • The adult literacy and children’s tutoring programs continue, and games were incorporated this past month to reinforce the learning.

  • A new center was constructed in the Santa Andre community to offer educational classes and to house missionaries and short-term help.

We hope you are as encouraged as we are about the progress happening on multiple fronts, and we are excited to see God’s love reaching Jacob’s Well communities in practical, empowering ways. Continue to pray for these efforts and consider supporting the work on a monthly basis so we have the resources to engage even more communities.

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