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The Blessing of Closed Doors

Most of us would consider any “closed door” to be a bad thing – an opportunity that doesn’t work out, a relationship that ends, a dream ended. But Jacob’s Well communities experienced just the opposite when a regional grocery store chain recently closed. Large amounts of food, work boots and extra clothes were donated, providing much-needed relief to community families. It’s a reminder to all of us to look for the hidden blessings when change happens around us.Let’s keep the “blessing report” rolling with community-specific updates:

Riacho da Porta

The new CHE community development model is getting incorporated into the “healthy home” visits by our Jacob’s Well nurse practitioner and team. Not only do these home visits uncover health concerns that can be addressed, but the team finds opportunities for Bible study, prayer and the identification of other ways to help. Also, check out the first harvest of the Pitaya plants in the slide show!

Morada Nova

The hydroponic units continue to be constructed and the first crop of 800 Pitaya was planted this past month. What’s exciting about both projects is how the men of the community are working together to achieve success. And once the crops are established, the plan is to train the community youth to tend and harvest the plants.

Santa Andre

Community leaders Pedro and Kessia were able to take a much-needed break in January. More importantly, we were encouraged to see the church services continue with members stepping up in leadership. Work continues as well on suicide prevention, adult literacy and other tutoring classes.

In closing, we had our first “from the field” update with Renato in January for those who give regularly to Jacob’s Well. We want to give those of you who contribute a chance to hear firsthand what’s happening in Brazil and to get your questions answered. If you want to learn more about this opportunity, please email us.

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