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The Miracle of Rain in Drought-Stricken Brazil

Jacob’s Well was established to provide hope and practical help to communities ravaged by years of drought in northeastern Brazil. Thankfully we can report that rain has been falling in these communities this past month, filling drinking water cisterns and providing much-needed support to the planting season. Your support helps these communities make the most of whatever falls from the sky! Below are some updates from each location.

Riacho da Porta

The farming co-op continued to meet and plan for an expansion of the farming activities in the area. The medical well-check home visits continued, and “copays” came in the form of eggs, milk and even live chickens! (Editor’s note: no copays are required for these services😊). Further, data collection began with the goal of providing community profile pages on the Jacob’s Well website. Finally, donated Portuguese Bibles were distributed to students who attended classes last year – they were very happy to receive them.

Santa Andre

Music (or at least the strumming of guitars) filled the air as about 10 students took guitar classes. With the rainy season came leaks, summoning Dale and Pedro to the rescue with several fix-it projects. Finally, preschool and after school programs resumed to provide additional support to the Santa Andre community children.

Morada Nova

This past month has been one of bringing the men of the community together, building trust and developing the working relationships so needed for a farming co op to be successful. As Renato has said all along, Jacob’s Well is built on the principle of relationship, and we are exercising that principle as we build new models in Morada Nova for successful agricultural efforts.

Thanks as always for your faithful support and we are scheduling another “from the field” update in March for our supporters to hear firsthand from Renato and ask questions. If you would like to be a part of these, please contact us for more information.

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