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Community Health in Action

As we’ve been reporting the past few months, Jacob’s Well community leadership has been receiving training in the CHE (Community Health Evangelism) model. This model of community development emphasizes equipping communities to be self-sustaining and not to require relief aid. Below are some examples of the activities and efforts across Jacob’s Well communities. Your regular support keeps leadership, supplies and support flowing to each community as Jacob’s Well expands its efforts.

Riacho da Porta

Adult literacy, after-school tutoring, and medical visits continue in the community, bringing education and skills to adults and children. In addition, some after school sports like soccer and volleyball have started as well as woodworking and other crafts for the kids. Further, a cistern is being constructed to support expanded farming operations. The co-op met this past month to discuss the expansion plans.

Morada Nova

Similar community projects expand in Morada Nova, and the main emphasis has been to work on the agricultural projects underway. There are multiple communities in Morada Nova, so it’s important for coordination of efforts and leadership.

Santa Andre

The adult literacy classes are going very well, and a newer preschool program is underway to provide early exposure to the Bible.

**New** Porta das Dunas

We are encouraged to report new activities in this community as leadership is selected and priorities are established. We are excited to continue to experience the growth of Jacob’s Well in Brazil!

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