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Back to School!

While it seems like most of the world is caught up in measures against the coronavirus, cases in South America have been minimal. Leadership training has been the dominant theme for Jacobs Well communities in February, with education sessions, after school training, farming coops and leadership principles. Consultants from World Challenge traveled to Brazil to lead the trainings, and we believe this investment in our leadership in Brazil will continue to strengthen new development opportunities; thank you for your faithful support! Below are some additional community updates:

Riacho da Porta

Co-op development continued with trainings on the use of seed projects. This is consistent with the growth of farming opportunities in the area afforded by better water resource management.

Morada Nova

Community members were able to profit from the sales of their first crop of cilantro to purchase three additional hydroponics units as well as replant their existing units for future harvests.

Santo André

Educational activities are on hold at the moment while Pedro and Kessia (the community leaders) adjust to parenthood. Farming activities continue and we look forward to hearing of future harvests.

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