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Building for the Future in Brazil

Much of the news on Brazil recently in the Western world has centered on the fires burning in the Amazon region. At Jacob’s Well, we have kept our focus on preparing leadership and communities for the next season as Renato and his family returned to the U.S. From training center renovations to the arrival of two new Brazilian missionaries, your regular contributions continue to provide hope in the lives of families across the drought-stricken northeast region of this vast country.

Morada Nova

Hydroponic unit placements are getting scheduled for the Angicos community, and Emanuel and Julia joined this community as the newest members of the Jacob’s Well leadership team. The community health and education (CHE) training completed in August, giving Morada Nova a strong foundation for future development.

Santa Andre

Pedro and Kessia presented a school program on healthy families in the local district and also continued their adult literacy, after school, and guitar lesson programs through August.


Significant renovation work was completed on the training center thanks to help from members of the Springs Church:

- 4 rooms renovated (for a total now of 8 rooms)

- 10 bunk beds were constructed

- Carlos and Aldenora’s kitchen and living space was completed

- A storage shed was built

Beyond the physical renovations, there was spiritual and relational renovation at work as relationships were reconciled at the last community meeting. This kind of growth and transformation is especially encouraging to us! Baptisms took place in August; these are always uplifting.

Thanks again for your prayers and support for the communities in Jacob’s Well – the future is looking promising!

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