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Celebrating the “Nazareth” Communities of Brazil

Merry Christmas from Jacob’s Well! As we reflect this month on the birth of Jesus of Nazareth, we are reminded that He came from a rural “no-name” community not unlike those served by Jacob’s Well. Sure, places like Santa Andre and Riacho da Porta may not have the same recognition as Rio de Janeiro, every person and family in these towns has inestimable worth in God’s eyes. And God is at work, changing hearts and turning brown fields green. Thank you for your financial support for all the work being done, and we welcome any year-end gifts you may be able to direct toward Jacob’s Well! Below is a brief field update from each area.

Riacho da Porta

The first church service was held at the remodeled Training Center with record turnout! The 2nd year adult literacy students graduated, and the co-op continues to tweak fertilizer and harvesting practices to maximize output. Finally, a cistern was completed to capture water during the rainy season.

Morada Nova

The Angicos hydroponics project is doing well, and Kaka continues to educate the co-op farmers regarding best practices with the new units as they await the first cilantro harvest. The co-op is also preparing a planting of 1250 annatto seedlings; when harvested this red fruit is dried and ground to make a popular spice.

Santa Andre

A class was held to educate local farmers on making organic fertilizer; certified organic crops fetch a higher market price. In addition, the pitaya plants were pruned to create starter plants and multiply future harvests. Several Jacob’s Well USA board members visited Santa Andre to see firsthand the progress made in the newest Jacob’s Well community.

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