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Community Care Amid Coronavirus

The far-reaching impact of Covid-19 has shocked the world, sending markets plunging and disrupting millions under “shelter at home” orders. While Brazil at this time has not been impacted to the degree of North America, Europe or Asia, life has been impacted as cases increase in Fortaleza and other regional cities. Ministry activities have also been temporarily halted as our leadership team doesn’t want to unknowingly transmit the virus to the Jacob’s Well communities. Prayer meetings, Bible studies, English classes, and children’s activities continue…online. Your continued support helps us tremendously during this time, bringing God’s hope to communities that often experience daily life in a delicate balance of survival. Below are brief updates from each community:


The harvests continue to be strong with another Tabasco pepper crop. And the adult literacy program was restarted with a strong showing. Even though the class is temporarily halted, all the students are very happy to receive this kind of practical education.

Morada Nova

The communities of Terra Nova and Angicos banded together to prepare a large supply of organic fertilizer that will be used for planting the pitaya crops in both places. Work continues with the seeding and harvesting of crops using the hydroponics units.

Santo André

Pedro and Kessia have used the Coronavirus concerns to bring awareness and education as to proper handwashing and sanitation. No cases have occurred in the community, though there are cases in the nearby cities.

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