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February 2021 Update

Your Jacob’s Well Ministry Brief is Below!

As we continue on our theme this quarter on Relationships, the first month of 2021 was marked with joy because the Ribeiro family (Ricardo, Ione, Acsa, and Julia) moved to the Jacob’s Well community in Morada Nova. The Ribeiros will be assisting the work already underway, and they are excited about how God can use their family as an example to others.

Along the same lines of community and teamwork, the Jacob’s Well Brazil leadership spent 3 days together in the city of Eusébio with Renato Cassula in prayer and planning for the coming year. Not only were strategic initiatives discussed, but the meeting was also a time for families to connect and heal some of the sadness created in part from the extended separation brought on by COVID restrictions.

As we continue to build and improve the Jacob’s Well website, we’d encourage you to check out the NEW community pages for Riacho da Porta, Terra Nova, and Angicos (among others). We are working on ways to allow you to follow the activities and accomplishments at the community level, so stay tuned as we roll out new features! Your support means even more as we begin 2021 and face the growing needs in Northeast Brazil.

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