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Growing Roots, Planting for the Future

September was a little less hectic for the Jacob’s Well leadership teams, but plenty was in motion to ensure that the last quarter of the year was productive. Irrigation lines were installed. Crops were planted. Officers were elected. Preventative health care visits continued. And courage to press on with needed projects shows us that the team in Brazil is ready to tackle the challenges that are sure to come in the future. Below are brief updates from each community for the past month:

Riacho da Porta

Irrigation tubing was laid in preparation for planting papaya, lime and acai trees. Also, new officers were elected for the CHE (Community Health Education) commission that meets regularly in the community. Health care home visits continue, and Aldenora and Lisa attended trainings on suicide prevention in preparation for providing training in Riacho da Porta.

Morada Nova

The first hydroponics units were constructed in anticipation for the initial cilantro crops. The first leaders for the CHE commission were selected so that training can begin in the near future. Finally, irrigation tubes were installed to more efficiently water the pitaya plantation.

Santa Andre

Pedro and Kessia presented suicide prevention programs this past month, and we are excited to report that the community of Santa Andre went from having the most suicides in the region to having no recorded suicides this year! Adult literacy, after-school tutoring and guitar classes continue, showing the impact that “people investment” has on overall hope and emotional stability.

As we often say in these newsletters but don’t tire of, Thank You for your continued support of Jacob’s Well! Your steady resources equip our leadership teams to provide steady services and community investment.

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