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Jacob's Well Communities Step Up and LEAD

As the U.S. slowly begins to reopen, we turn our eyes to other nations who are managing the crisis. In the Jacob’s Well communities, Covid-19 did arrive in Riacho da Porta and Morada Nova. Fortunately, the impact has been minimal overall, though the Jacob’s Well staff has been unable to continue activities in person but continues to encourage and coach virtually.

As we talked about during a recent board of director meeting, we are incredibly blessed and impressed by the forward movement in all communities despite the physical presence of Jacob’s Well staff! This shows the impact of the training and mentoring activities that have been underway months before the Covid-19 crisis. Updates are below, and we appreciate your faithful support through this challenging time.

Riacho da Porta

The farming co-op continues to meet under the guidance of Jacob’s Well agricultural expert Kaka.

Morada Nova

The co-op teams in Angicos, Santo Antonio, and Cajubras have been amazing at expanding their agricultural activities. New planting of urucum (a popular Brazilian spice), new utilization of hydroponics for chives and lettuce, and expanded organic fertilizer production demonstrate innovation.

Santo André

The community experienced an incredible bean harvest, yielding 8½ large sacks that were distributed among 5 families (if you haven't already, check out the video above!). Outside of the farming activities, Pedro and Kessia participated in a local government program called Orange May to campaign against the sexual abuse of children and adolescents.

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