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Jacob’s Well: More Visible, More Local

A Farming Co-Op Meeting

When it comes to community development, our approach at Jacob’s Well have been to listen first and then respond to the needs second. Applying the CHE model, we are committed to providing training and support to the communities served so that they can tackle their own challenges rather than receive aid and “handouts” from the outside. This model is working; stay tuned in the coming months as we find more ways to empower the team in Brazil. Below are some community-specific updates.

Riacho da Porta

The farming co-op continues to progress with soil preparations underway for new crops: beets, carrots, onions, green and tabasco peppers. The medical clinic is shifting its focus to prevention in line with the CHE model and is raising awareness about prevention strategies during home visits. Finally, the adult and children literacy classes continue; these basic skills are foundational for future work opportunities.

Morada Nova

Young people in the Terra Nova community are taking charge of the first cilantro crops, utilizing the new hydroponics units recently built. The CHE model for community development was presented to three communities in the Morada Nova area (Juca Grossos, Bom Jesus, and Angicos).

Santa Andre

Pedro and Kessia, Jacob’s Well team members in Santa Andre, were able to present alongside city officials on the topic of sexual exploitation of children in local schools. This was a breakthrough opportunity for this awareness training in the community. CHE training will be happening soon in Santa Andre.

As mentioned in previous newsletters, THANK YOU for your continued support of the work happening in Brazil! As the number of communities increases, so do our support needs. Click here to log in to your donation account where you can view and change your monthly amount. Or, click here to begin donating to Jacob’s Well.

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