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January 2021 Update

Your Jacob’s Well Ministry Brief Below!

As we begin 2021, there’s a sense of optimism in the air as we look to new opportunities across the Jacob’s Well communities in rural northeast Brazil. This first quarter of the year, we’re focusing on relationships and how they are the cornerstone for everything we do. Check out the region-specific updates below, and take a moment to view our Jacob’s Well video on relationships here. Want to make a difference in the life of an individual or family? For only $8 a month, your support will go a long way to bring God’s hope to Brazil as a Jacob’s Well Life Transformer!

Riacho da Porta

The community held a special church service to celebrate and promote families in attendance, and this service was attended by many in the community who aren’t “regulars”. Efforts like this are proving to expand relationships across the community.

Santo André

Aside from much work done in the farms, the community held a "Dinner of Gratitude" where each family brought food and recited verses and psalms of gratitude to God. It was a great time of praise and dining together.

Morada Nova

Our most-experienced farming consultant, Kaká, provided irrigation consulting and used those interactions to share the love of God to the men in the community.


This is the newest area for Jacob’s Well, and the families there feel forgotten by the government and struggle with illiteracy and severe water shortages. This initial outreach was filled with relationship-building activities to build trust and camaraderie.

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