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Leadership and Teamwork Ease Upcoming Transitions

The leadership team at Jacob’s Well is geographically dispersed among the various communities in northeastern Brazil. In a few months, the distances will be greater as Renato and his family transition back to the U.S. as a home base. We see God at work strengthening the team and building confidence in the abilities of the Brazilian base of leadership to continue and grow Jacob’s Well. Below are some specific updates for each community for the past month.

Santa Andre

Two short-term missionaries joined Pedro and Kessia in June, providing much-needed dental services for the children in the community. And Pedro and Kessia announced the exciting news that they will have a baby boy later this year.

Morada Nova

Four hydroponics units are being prepared for use, and training is underway for the men responsible to manage the operations. The CHE model for community development continues to be implemented and has brought the community together through engaging “town hall” meetings.

Riacho da Porta

Farming expansion continued under the watchful eye of Kaka, the community’s agricultural consultant. And a new kitchen and living area was added to the training center to provide more privacy for Pastor Carlos and his family. Finally, preparations were made in the training center for the arrival of a short-term team from the Springs Church, and the community chickens have started to produce eggs!

Thank you for your faithful support throughout the year which helps ensure Jacob’s Well projects continue to move forward and equip these communities to thrive!

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