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Prayer, Study and Promise for God’s Protection

COVID continues to grab the headlines and take lives around the world. As individuals and families are challenged in many ways, Jacob’s Well communities are turning to God and His Word for comfort and direction. We are especially reminded during these times how precious relationships are and to look for God’s promise and provision around every corner. Your faithful support continues to support these live-giving efforts across the communities. Read below about the latest (and most remote) community to be added to date!

Riacho da Porta

The community began a study through the book of Philippians, discussing how to apply Christian principles into everyday life. This has led the participants to pray more for families in the community especially as they see despair creep into some homes. There was also significant education on women’s health in support of Brazil’s “Pink October” awareness month.

Santo André

The community meetings on Sundays have focused on the book of 1 Thessalonians and on how they can best model Christian love to others. There has been a special need this past month to support families grieving the loss of loved ones.

Cafundo (new community!)

This is a very remote community in the state of Ceará, accessible only by hiking for 1.5 hours on a trail. Food, water and other supplies are transported in by donkeys, and children from the 22 families hike up and down from the community daily to attend school. We are at the initial relationship development phase and are already seeing opportunities for Jacob’s Well assistance.

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