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Signs of Opening on the Horizon

While not yet out of the COVID “woods”, Brazil has begun to open up and life has started to look more normal than before at least in the bigger cities. Unfortunately, the Jacob’s Well communities are still a few weeks behind, and as a result the in-person development activities have yet to restart. A few brief visits by Jacob’s Well staff happened in July, but most activities are still coordinated virtually. God continues to work through smart phones and computers with Bible studies, leadership training and English classes! Thank you for your continued support, and a few specific updates are below:

Riacho da Porta

· Work continues at the farming coop with a focus on replanting of the Tabasco and sweet pepper crops.

· Pastor Carlos has been able to restart church services and reported that attendance has been good.

Morada Nova

· The community members continue their production of lettuce and other vegetables in the hydroponics units. They have regular buyers within the community and are doing very well.

Santo André

· Work continues on the community plantings.

· Pedro and Kessia were able to get away for a brief time after a stressful few months which was encouraging.

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