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A Fresh Start to the New Year!

While we bundle up this season in the Northern Hemisphere, our friends in the Jacob’s Well communities continue to bask in the sun and experience a plentiful harvest. From boxes of peppers to bundles of cilantro, plants are producing more even with less water than was used in the past. Plus, Pedro and Kessia, Jacobs Well leaders in Santo André, experienced the joy of adding a baby boy to their family! Thanks to those of you who have been generous in your support of Jacob’s Well in 2019, and we look forward to seeing many more join us in supporting the growth of Jacob’s Well in 2020! Below are a few updates from each community from this past month.


Land was cleared to expand the existing co-op farming operations to include a new plot for papaya and lime trees. The pepper plants are producing at a higher rate now with a harvest of 5 crates per week! Plus, outreach services continue at the training center twice a month which provide opportunities to serve neighboring communities. Finally, the team in Pentecoste hosted a CHE training January 3-6 to expand the knowledge of the CHE best practices to representatives from other states in Brazil.

Morada Nova

The first harvest of cilantro happened this past month for the community members of Angicos as they saw the results of their hard work starting hydroponics farming.

Santo André

Pedro and Kessia, the community leaders for Jacob’s Well, welcomed their first child Tito this past December 12! Others are stepping up to help with church services and other community efforts while the new parents settle in.

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