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December 2023 Update

We often like to highlight celebrations, harvests, and the ends of stories that have beginning points that happened much earlier. This month, we are featuring a short video that reminds us of a core Jacob's Well principle: development. While some organizations focus heavily on meeting immediate needs through relief efforts, we are focused on developing long-term sustainable communities through economic, social and spiritual initiatives. Yes, this kind of work takes patience and commitment, but the results have lasting impact!

With water and attention, these dead-looking sticks will become ripe with pitaya fruit (also known as Dragon fruit)! Plus, another activity happening in this video is less visible but very important: discipleship. The conversations that happen during a hard day's work are great opportunities to bring in spiritual topics.

Your regular support is an encouragement to us in all these areas! Check out this link on our website that shows just how far $10 a month goes.

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